Mains Questions

Q.1: Discuss the doctrine of ‘lis pendens’ and give its basis. Does the doctrine apply to an execution proceeding? Elucidate. [JS 2019]
Q.2 Explain the difference between equitable interest and legal interest. [UPJS 2018]
Q.3 Discuss the various rules regulating the passing of property in case of ‘specific goods’ in a contract of sale of goods. [Punj JS 2006]
Q. 4 Whether transfer of standing trees of value Rs. 100 or upwards can be done without registration. [Punj JS 2006]

Preliminary (Ss. 1-4)

Q.1. A owns land which spreads over 100 acres. B wants to purchase the airspace over the said land for a sum of Rs. 50 lakhs. B contends that the airspace over the land is within the definition of immovable Property and thus there should be no problem in the transaction. Assess the contention of B and the legality of the transaction. [Punj JS 2013]
Q.2 Write note on things attached to the earth. [BJS 1986]
Q.3. Write short note on actionable claim and mere right to sue. [BJS 1987]
Q.4. Distinguish between Actual and Constructive Notice. [BJS 1991]
Q.5. What is immoveable property? [RJS 1979, BJS 2006]
Q.6. The plaintiff had let out to A a shop in Chandni Chowk. A had been carrying on business In that shop in partnership with his son B. The plaintiff sent a notice terminating the tenancy of A, by registered post A.D. as well as under a certificate of posting on 3.7.1978. The A.D. card was received back by the plaintiff on 7.7.1978 bearing the signatures of someone showing that registered cover was received on 5.7.1978. A died on 17th December, 1980. The plaintiff filed a suit for possession against the legal representatives alleging that the tenancy of A having been terminated during his lifetime, the legal representatives were in unauthorised occupation of the shop. During trial it is admitted that notice was sent at the correct address of A but it is proved that the A.D. card does not bear the signature of A. The point for decision is whether notice had been served on A. How will you decide? Give reasons. [DJS 1982]
Q.7. Write short note on Attestation. [MPJS 2006]
Q.8. Write short note on Immovable Property. [MPJS 2006, UPJS 2018]
Q. 9. Write short note on Notice. [MPJS 2006]
Q. 10. Write short note on Actionable Claim. [MPJS 2006}
Q. 11. Explain with illustrations ‘constructive notice’ under Transfer of Property [UP 5S 1985]
Q. 12. Define “immovable property”, “attached to the earth”, “transfer of property [UPJS 1986]
Q. 13. Explain and illustrate – Profit a pendre. [UPJS 1988]