Mains Questions

Summons to Produce (Ss. 91-92)

Q. 1. Under what circumstances a person becomes vicariously liable for the act of others? [RJS 1975]

Q. 2. Whether an accused person be directed to produce a document? If so, under what provision of law? [RJS 1986]

Q.3. Briefly discuss, can an accused invites section 91, Cr.P.C. to bring on record some documents before arguments on charge? [DJS 2000]

Search Warrants (Ss. 93-98)

Q.1. Under what circumstances may a search warrant be issued by a Court? [BJS 1977]

Q.2. Discuss the emergency procedure in the Code of Criminal Procedure for the discovery of the person who is wrongfully confined. [RJS 1974]

Q.3. The natural father took away his son from the custody of the adoptive father on the ground that the adoption was invalid. Can the adoptive father take resort to the emergency procedure for the discovery of his adoptive son? [RJS 1974]

Q. 4. Which authority under the Code of Criminal Procedure (1973) can order for the immediate restoration of an abducted or an unlawfully detained woman or a female child under the age of 18 years, and what procedure shall he adopted to pass such an order? [RJS 1975]

Q.5. When search warrant can be issued? [RJS 1991, 2011]

Q. 6. What are the grounds on the basis of which a search warrant may be issued? [RJS 1999]

Q.7. On the receipt of secret information, a Police Officer along with two constables goes to the house of ‘A’ and conducts search therein. Twenty bottles of illicit liquor are recovered as a result thereof. At the trial, ‘A’ pleads that the search and seizure are illegal and stand vitiated for not reducing the secret information into writing and also for non-joining of two or more independent and respectable inhabitants of the locality. Decide the objection. [DJS 1990]

Q. 8, Write a short note on Search warrant and production warrant. [DJS 2008]

Q.9. Can a search warrant be issued under section 97 of Cr.P.C. in respect of a minor wife kept by a husband against her wishes? Discuss. [DJS 1989]

General Provisions Relating to Searches & Miscellaneous (Ss. 99-105)

Q.1. Write short note on Power of the policy to attach immoveable property under section 102 of the CrPC? [DJS 2019]

Q.2. On receipt of search information, the raiding party consisting of two customs officials, one police officer and one independent witness, arrest two accused persons. A huge quantity of smuggled goods worth Rs. 15 lakhs is made. One accused got recovered a part of such goods from a toney at the seashore, while the other accused got recovered such articles from an island which had to be reached through a mechanical vessel. During trial, one of the arguments raised is that provisions of section 100(4) Cr.P.C. regarding joining two or more independent and respectable inhabitants of the locality, have not been complied with, and therefore, recovery is illegal. The prosecution evidence establishes that the independent witness joined in the raiding party was not a resident of the place from where the recovery was made. Decide the objection, giving reasons, keeping in mind the fact and circumstances of the case. [DJS 1982]