CrPC Mains Questions

Summons (Ss. 61-69)

Q. 1. Whether the person who is arrested has a right to insist for the presence of an advocate at the stage of police interrogation? [DJS 2019]

Q. 2. Can a Munsiff-cum-Judicial Magistrate direct a process-server of the Civil Court to serve a summon issued by him in a criminal case? [RJS 1986]

Q. 3. Can a summon be served by registered post upon an accused person? If so, under what law? [RJS 1986]

Q. 4. Briefly state the processes to compel appearance of the accused or of witnesses before a court? [HJS 2001]

Q.5. The utility of a retracted confession hinges primarily on the judiciousness of the court. Respond with reasons to the statement by referring to the judicial approach towards retracted confessions. . [HJS 2013]

Q. 6. What are the processes to compel the appearance of a witness in a court? [RJS 1989]

Q. 7. How summons is served on government servant? [UPJS 2012]

Warrant of Arrest (Ss. 70-81)

Q.1. What is the procedure to be followed in executing a warrant beyond the jurisdiction of Court which issued it? [UPJS 2015]

Q. 2. State to whom a warrant of arrest may be directed. Whether such a warrant may be directed to a person? Explain the circumstances and the law in this regard. [BJS 2014]

Q. 3. Write a short note on Coercive steps to be adopted by courts to procedure attendance of an accused. [DJS 2008]

Proclamation and Attachment (Ss. 82-86)

Q. 1. Discuss the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code relating to attachment of property of a proclaimed offender. [BJS 2006]

Q. 2. Summarize the procedural law dealing with an absconding person against whom a warrant has been issued by the Court. [RJS 1980-81]

Q. 3. What topics have been dealt within Sections 82 and 83 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973? [RJS 1986]

Q. 4. Write brief note on Proclaimed offender. [RJS 1991)

Q. 5. B absconds after committing a crime. How can he be compelled to appear before the Court? What action may be taken by the court if B does not appear? [RJS 1999]

Q. 6. Enumerate the coercive steps a Metropolitan Magistrate can take to ensure the presence of a witness or accused during the criminal trial. How should he proceed if despite coercive steps, accused does not appear to face the trial. [DJS 2007]

Q. 7. When the warrant against an accused is not executed, what is the next step for compelling his appearance before the Court? [UPJS 2015]

Other Rules Regarding Process (Ss. 87-90)

Q. 1. When can warrant be issued by a Court in lieu of summons? Can a Court take a bond for appearance of a person who is present in the Court? Discuss with reference to statutory provisions. Can a person who has filed a bond, be arrested? If so, under what circumstances? [Punj JS 2012]

Q. 2. When can warrant be issued by a court in lieu of summons? [UPJS 1992, 2003]