CrPC Mains Questions

Security for Keeping the Peace and for Good Behaviour (Ss. 106-124)

Q.1. Relevance and evidentiary value of good and bad character evidence. [DJS 2018]

Q. 2. What are the essential ingredients of the offence of criminal conspiracy? How can the existence of conspiracy and its objective be established during trial? [DJS 2019]

Q. 3. Discuss briefly the circumstances under which security can be taken by the court for keeping peace and maintain good behaviour from the criminals under the Cr.P.C. [HPJS 2016]

Q. 4. State the habitual offenders against whom an order for security can be passed. [BJS 1977]

Q. 5. The provision in respect of security for keeping the peace on conviction. [BJS 1977]

Q.6. For what offences can a Court of Session or a Court of the First Class Magistrate while convicting and passing sentence on him order the accused to execute a bond with or without sureties for keeping peace for such period not exceeding three years as it thinks fit. [RJS 1975]

Q. 7. In what circumstances can a show cause notice for furnishing security for his good behavior be issued by a judicial magistrate u/s 110 of Cr.P.C. (1973) and what procedure shall be followed by such magistrate? [RJS 1975]

Q. 8. Who can require a person to execute a bond for keeping the peace under Section 107 Cr.P.C.? (RJS 1984]

Q. 9. Can a Judicial Magistrate direct a person to execute a bond for good behaviour? If so, to whom? [RJS 1986]

Q. 10. Describe the procedure to take security for keeping the peace and for good behaviour. [RJS 1991, 1994]

Q. 11. Why can a Magistrate of First Class, convicting the accused under Section 406 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, not direct the accused to execute a bond for keeping peace | and good behaviour for a period of one year? [RJS 1999]

Q. 12. Under what circumstances can a Magistrate demand security for good behaviour? [UPJS 1986]

Q. 13. In what circumstances and in respect to which offences after conviction in the case, a Session Court or a Judicial Magistrate may order for obtaining security for keeping peace om the convicted person? Describe. [UPJS 2013, 2016]